Holiday Excitement

Hello A&G team!


Hopefully y’all ate as much as we did over Thanksgiving! It was an awesome break. We loved getting to hang with our family and friends…and go BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! :)

So our Christmas EP "Waiting For Christmas" released on November 6th! It was an exciting day, and the feedback from all of our fans has been great. Thank you all so much for buying it, and if you haven’t yet go check it out!

We also have some exciting news… We were just featured on in the 615 Spotlight! It was so cool seeing our name in between Rihanna and Gavin Degraw. Check out the article here:

We figured what better way to celebrate than to release a new music video for our first single, "Carol of the Bells" and giveaway a free download of the acoustic version of "Waiting for Christmas."

Besides viewing this video, remember to:

1) Google "Adelee and Gentry Carol of the Bells" and then click on the link for the YouTube video.

2) Also please do the same over at YouTube. Enter "Adelee and Gentry Carol of the Bells" into the search box and then click on the video. You can also try searching for "Carol of the Bells" and then clicking on our video in the search hit list.

All of the above helps us rise in the rankings and helps other music fans discover us.

3) Finally just spread the word about the "Carol of The Bells" music video and our music.

As for upcoming shows, we’ll be playing a Christmas Show at "The Coffee Pot" in Greenville, OH on Saturday, Dec. 22nd. And then we’ll be singing in the round at "The Bluebird Cafe" in Nashville, TN on Thursday, Jan. 3rd. For more detail check out our website

We hope y’all are as excited for Christmas as we are! And don’t forget, "Waiting For Christmas" would be a perfect stocking stuffer;) Get physical copies from our online store now:

THANK YOU for ALL of your support! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Adelee & Gentry

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